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Mr. Sandip Parsan is a highly accomplished individual with a Masters’ degree in International Business and Finance from Melbourne University. His exceptional educational background has equipped him with a robust foundation in financial analysis, management, and strategy.


In his role at Ace BeverageZ, Sandip has been a driving force behind the company's success in establishing a distinct presence in the Indian market for imported liquor. His dynamic and empowering leadership style has been instrumental in effectively managing the company's resources, optimising financial performance, and achieving its goals.


Sandip's innovative thinking, ability to take calculated risks, and astute market acumen have been the catalyst for Ace BeverageZ's growth and prosperity. His visionary approach and strategic planning have ensured that the company stays ahead of the competition and continues to deliver premium products and services to its customers.




Mr. Rikshit Parsan is one of the key managerial personnel at Ace BeverageZ. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing from India. He is the architect of the new-age thinking at Ace BeverageZ and has driven the market presence aggressively.


His research, analytical and marketing skills, combined with a progressive and holistic approach in devising innovative solutions for better outreach, has contributed in developing the brand and increasing the accessibility of a variety of liquor brands in India.


Not just marketing, but with an undeniable urge in upscaling sales strategies, Rikshit has shown remarkable growth in the company's sales figures. 


Through his unwavering commitment, relentless work ethic and strategic thinking, Rikshit has been instrumental in the success of Ace BeverageZ and over the past decade, Rikshit has established himself as a pertinent member of the Ace BeverageZ team. His contributions have been crucial in maintaining the company's competitive edge and expanding its reach within the industry.


Outside the group, Rikshit maintains a comprehensive social life and is deeply engaged with constant traveling and sporting activities. A firm practitioner of the socio-economic concept, Rikshit has institutionalized the concept of caring and giving in his personal life and is involved in meaningful welfare driven activities that distinctively impact the quality of life of weaker sections of society.




Mr. Debjit Dasgupta is a seasoned professional with an exceptional track record in the sales and distribution of premium wine and spirits within the beverage industry. With over 20 years of experience, he has been an integral part of Ace BeverageZ since its inception, and his expertise in operations has been critical to the company's continued success.


His unwavering commitment to excellence and tireless work ethic have been instrumental in establishing Ace BeverageZ as a leader in the import and distribution of premium wine and spirits.


Debjit's visionary leadership has been crucial in navigating the complex and ever-changing market conditions. His industry knowledge and foresight have enabled the company to identify and capitalise on emerging trends and opportunities, positioning Ace BeverageZ for sustained growth and expansion.

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