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With nearly two decades of experience in importing and distributing international liquor brands, pan India, Ace BeverageZ is building reputation on concrete foundations and has established itself as a leading player in the spirits’ industry.


The company's unwavering focus and constant urge to source new and innovative brands has kept it ahead of the curve. 


Ace BeverageZ is the youngest company under the Parsan Brothers group, a renowned identity in the alcohol industry since 1971. With this legacy, Ace BeverageZ has been able to draw on the experience and expertise of two generations of successful business, positioning it to continue to grow and thrive exponentially.


Ace BeverageZ operates in over 13 states, across the nation. The visionaries of the company are committed to further expand its reach and marketability, by increasing its presence with an upcoming range of products. Its mission is to ensure that every Indian liquor lover has access to a variety of internationally recognized liquor brands.


With the third generation of the Parsan Brothers group now at the helm, Ace BeverageZ is poised for continued growth and success, by working effectively towards its mission.

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